Terry Watkinson

Terry Watkinson was born and raised in Thunder Bay, northern Ontario. He was enrolled at the University of Toronto, studying Architecture for two years before being caught up in the music scene. This led to his joining the rock band Max Webster, which toured extensively in Canada, the USA and Europe, and produced five Gold albums. When Max Webster broke up Terry returned to the U of T and earned a bachelor of Science degree in Medical Illustration. His work can be found in many medical textbooks.

Terry moved away from medical illustration work and now concentrates on his fine art, with one or two feature gallery exhibitions a year for the last 20 years. Terry still plays music in various settings and recently released an album, ‘Ask’, which features him on keyboards, saxophone, pedal steel guitar and vocals.

His paintings are largely stylized landscapes of northern Ontario, where he spends his summers. Rather than paint actual places, he prefers to assemble imaginary scenes using elements of the northern Canada landscape, which he cherishes, and visits as often as possible. He works exclusively in oil paints on canvas.

Available works: