Timothy Wilson Hoey

The National Post wrote that “If Hoey were any more Canadian, he would be a doughnut.”

Primarily self-taught, Timothy was heavily influenced by the artists and musicians in his home town of Victoria, finding himself in numerous bands featuring a plethora of musicians from Stephen McBean, Paul Pigat, Carolyn Mark among others. It was perhaps having the great fortune to surround himself with outstanding musicians that led to him spending his time painting instead of practicing his guitar. His band the Metronome Cowboys is still fondly remembered by Paul Pigat as the ‘funnest band I’ve ever been in’.

Timothy Wilson Hoey’s art is informed by a sense of place, time, and emotion. His O-Canada collection resonates with Canadians – domestic and abroad – by exploring what we define as home.

Timothy captures a feeling of reminiscence in seeing a local landmark, gone, but not forgotten. He captures the pride we feel when we reflect upon historical figures that helped carve Canada’s lasting legacy in this world. He captures the memory of a double-double enjoyed on a crisp winter’s morning.