Will Millar

Will Millar, as the former leader of The Irish Rovers, led the group to a multi-platinum music career that made the group a house-hold name, as their signature songs “The Unicorn” and “Wasn’t That A Party” topped the charts in several countries, and they hosted their own popular television show in Canada. After leaving the group, Will returned to his first creative love of painting.

Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland, Will Millar grew up in a family where music and art were encouraged. His emotionally charged portraits of pubs and bucolic scenes depict an era that has vanished in Ireland. Once a year Will returns to visit his homeland, he tramps the by-roads where he goes looking for lost youth. He finds it in old cottages, peat fires, warm dark pubs and pints: unfortunately, the old characters are gone but through his paintings, not forgotten.

Will Millar’s purpose in painting is meditative, but it is also a basic desire to remember his roots, the Ireland of his youth. His artworks are often featuring images of a by-gone era: plough horses, steam trains, hay-raking by hand, gypsy caravans and tinkers (the original Irish Rovers), old girls in their Sunday-best hats playing cards in a pub, the men with their cloth caps and pipes, horse fairs and farmers’ markets, old storytellers and donkeys on the beach, jigs and reels and shepherds with their dogs. All his cherished memories come lovingly to life on his canvas.

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