Roger Schmidt

Roger Schmidt is a local Ontario amateur musician and professional fine artist who enjoys working in black & white with charcoal, whose portraits are strikingly detailed and life-like – almost photographic in nature. His original portrait of Ron Hynes – commissioned by the artist – was used as the album cover image for his last and posthumously released album, ‘Later That Same Life’.

Born and raised in Quebec, Roger began learning guitar when he was 10 years old. A mostly self-taught musician, he cites Bruce Cockburn as one of his earliest and strongest influences. His goal is “to create music that is balanced in complexities and artistic beauty”. Though he has had no formal education in art, Roger was interested in painting and drawing throughout his youth. His passion for music eventually took over, until recently when his own daughter, Emma, attended the arts program at Eastwood Collegiate, rekindling her father’s love for art. Roger is mostly interested in creating portraiture and figurative works, especially of people he knows. He aims for “a good degree of realism” by “capturing beautiful light and the accurate rendering of forms.”

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